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Special Need Swimming Workshop

Water is not only essential for life, it provides far-reaching benefits to the body and mind.

Under the supervision of a trained and certified professional therapist, aqua therapy provides deep, intense exercise within a soothing and comforting environment. This form of therapy promotes physical functioning with the aid of water’s restorative and detoxifying properties. Water buoyancy makes aerobic and anaerobic exercises safe and effective by allowing an individual to ambulate freely.

The pool is perfectly heated which allows for relaxation and comfort while swimming.

Some Reasons why you might consider our Special Need Swimming Workshop for your Child

  1. Exercises in the water are low impact. There is much less worry about stressing joints or muscles in the water. This can be a real plus for children with high muscle tone (hypertonia) who have difficulty moving.
  2. The warm water can also relax stiff muscles so kids can gain flexibility in the water they may not have on land.
  3. For kids and babies with low muscle tone (hypotonia), there is much less gravity in the water so it’s easier for them to move using less strength. They can be buoyed and supported by the water while they exercise.
  4. Blind babies often find it hard to process proprioceptive input. This means that they can find it difficult to understand where their body is or how it’s moving. This of course can make it difficult to learn how to move or to plan their own movements. Children and babies with proprioceptive difficulties may also find themselves kicking their legs or hitting themselves in inappropriate ways in an attempt to get that feedback that they are missing. The constant light pressure that surrounds the body in the water is the perfect antidote to this problem. Learning to move in the water is so much easier because you are much more aware of your body and your movements.
  5. Another problem common for kids with vision impairments is difficulty processing directional cues. Which way is up? Am I standing straight, or leaning to the side? The water with it’s constant push up is the perfect place to learn the concepts of up and down.
  6. Exercises in the water can be done in different positions comfortably and safely since you don’t have to worry about gravity or falling.
  7. Water provides a natural resistance that can increase muscle strength, but this resistance is proportional to the effort exerted against it, so the harder you push or kick, the more of a workout you get. If you can’t push as hard, you get a small work out. The water automatically adjusts to your child’s needs.
  8. There is very little gravity in the water, making it easier to focus on walking and kicking movements and honing balance and coordination, without having to worry about having the proper strength.
  9. The hydrostatic pressure in the water pushes evenly on all of the body at once. This helps the heart circulate blood and lowers blood pressure while in the water. This can also help relax the body and reduce stress.

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  • Decrease in spasticity
  • Natural resistance to movement
  • Increased motivation
  • Great place to work on balance skills
  • Assists with functional gains on land
  • Provides a lot of sensory input
  • Improves strength and flexibility
  • Focuses on body awareness
  • Motor planning
  • Learning how to move muscles in new ways
  • Best of all it's safe, makes movement easy, and it’s fun!
We will go to any venue but there needs to be at least 10 candidates.
The fee is more to cover accommodation and travel costs.

Special Need Swimming Workshop

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